V & H Flowers, KVK 76063658, Vestigingsnr. 000043895174, Venus 130, 2675LN, Honselersdijk , processes personal data of its customers, prospectsand other contacts. V&H Flowers does this for visitors / customers and third partieshelp as best we can and achieve our goals. In this privacystatement we explain why and how we use your personal dataprocessing.

Via this website (http: //webshop.Vhflowerexport,nl, a website of V&H)privacy-sensitive data or personal data processed. V&H finds onecareful handling of personal data is very important. Personal informationare therefore carefully processed and secured by us.In our processing, we adhere to the requirements of the AVG Act (effective 25May 2018). That means, among other things, that we clearly state the purposes for which we process personal data. We do this through this privacy statement; limit our collection of personal data to only thepersonal data needed for legitimate purposes; first ask you for explicit permission to access your personal dataprocess in cases where your consent is required; take appropriate security measures to protect your personal dataprotect and also require that of parties who are on our behalfprocess personal data; respect your right to inspect your personal data at your requestoffer, correct or delete.

In this privacy statement we explain which personal data we collect andand for what purposes. We recommend that you read this statement carefully.

This privacy statement was last modified on 12-03-2020 OFFICIAL DATA PROTECTION Under the GDPR Act, we can report that V&H is not an OfficerData protection, but we are happy to help you with your questions. You can do thisplease contact us via info @ V & H or tel: +31 (0) 174 629 888.

WHAT PERSONAL DATA DOES V&H PROCESS? We process the following personal data through this website: company name, name, (mobile) telephone number, fax number, email address


V&H processes personal data for the following purposes:1. Administration and servicesIn our administration we keep track of potential customers and suppliers of V&HFlowers, with the relevant contact persons. From contactswe keep various personal data in order to optimize our servicespossible to perform. We keep contact details to reach you andto be of service.You can reach V&H Flowers through different channels: telephone, post, e-mail and Facebook. We also process personal data to make this possible. Marketing & Recruitment

We also process personal data for V&H Flowers campaigns. For example IP address, cookie ID, social ID and / or surfing behavior. We do this in the right placesto be able to show the most relevant advertisement. We can also use V&H Flowers (and related campaigns)creating 'adapted target groups' via social media platforms. We can do this do via Facebook and possibly Instagram targeting. On these platforms can(personalized) advertisements are shown. We do not give for this pass on personal data to third parties, unless you are unambiguous there have given permission for this. If you do not want advertisements to be displayed via these platforms, you canreport to us using the contact details above. You can also do this with thislog off platforms. You can read more about how to do this on the following pageslease note: it is possible that you still have V&H Flowers after unsubscribingmay see ads when you fall into a general audience where we dotarget our ad.3. Improvement of V&H Flowers services.

We also keep personal data for the improvement of our service.For example, click behavior on the website to analyze which articles are the mostread and open rates to see if (possibly in the future) ournewsletters are considered relevant.

RIGHTS OF THE PARTIES Everyone has a number of rights under the GDPR. We do our very best to stay hereto meet as well as possible. Do you have any tips or comments? Then let usknow! To exercise your rights, please contact us atinfo @ V & H or tel: +31 (0) 174 629 888.

Information and insight: Of course you can see what personal information wehave processed and recorded from you. We will explain about it if you wishhow and why we process that data. Rectification: Do you feel that we have the wrong information from youcaptured? Let us know and we will adjust it as soon as possible. Oblivion: You can ask us personal data we collect from youhave to delete. We may use it for other purposes(administration or deduplication for example) those data still have to beprocessing. Restriction: Do you feel that we are your personal or unlawfulincorrect processing, you can also limit that processing. Objection (resistance) for the processing of your personal data, youfile an objection. Is it for marketing purposes? Then we willterminate processing as soon as possible.

Portability: This is a new law under the new legislation AVGto (let) transfer your personal data. If you use thiswant to make, please contact us.In addition, you can also: withdraw Your consent: for example, to receive e-mailings.

If you want to withdraw consent for another processing, please contactcontact us. Complain to the AP: If you believe that we do not act in accordance with privacy legislation? Then of course we hear that gladly. 2018 a complaint to the AuthorityPersonal .


V&H Flowers does not store your data longer than is necessary to keep it in thisprivacy statement to achieve the stated goals. When you send us an email orask a question via a contact form, we will keep your data for 6months after we responded to any follow-up questionscan answer. We keep company data for as long as the mutual informationservice is running. Related personal data - in relation to the companywhat you work or perform for - are also included.


As explained above, we process some data for the execution ofa legal obligation, some for the performance of an agreement (assignment,purchase service and / or product or an event) and most for the execution ofthe legitimate interest of V&H Flowers: the implementation of our objective.Do you want to know more about the considerations we make with the legitimate interestplease contact us!

THIRD RECIPIENTS We can be service providers for the implementation of some of our servicesswitch. These are not third party recipients but processors. We workfor example together with a media partner, our accountant, a cloud environment,etc. and use Google Analytics. These parties processpersonal data in accordance with the assignment of V&H Flowers.

Sometimes we are legally obliged to provide personal data to third parties;like the tax authorities. Furthermore, we will only provide data to third partiesif we have received your express permission to do so. LEFT There may be some references to others on the V&H Flowers websitefind organizations' websites. V&H Flowers is not responsible for thethe way in which those parties process personal data. You can do itread the privacy statement of the relevant owner / organization.

COOKIE STATEMENT We use cookies on the V&H Flowers website. We do this for ourimprove services, make the websites function optimally, for theefficiently conducting campaigns and for the purposes described in usprivacy statement. Page 9 Below you will find a list of cookies that are placed by the V&H Flowerswebsite and their functionality:


V&H Flowers uses Analytics cookies to use the V&HFlowers website. That way, a permanent cookie is placed on youcomputer or mobile device. This gives V&H Flowers insight intothe way in which and how often the V&H Flowers website is used and can be explained to theif necessary, changes to the V&H Flowers website can be made based on this information implemented.

In this way we ensure that the V&H Flowers website is optimalworks. V&H Flowers processes anonymous statistics about visits to its website. This is done with a web analysis system. Among other things, the following information mayare stored via cookies in the web analysis system: the IP address,Technical features such as the browser you are using (such as Chrome, Safari,Firefox, Internet Explorer or another browser), the resolution of your computer screen, from which page you came to the V&H Flowers website, when and for how long you visit or use the V&H Flowers website, whether you use the functionalities of the V&H Flowers website, which pages you visit on the V&H Flowers website.


Cookie: Facebook; Act, c_user, csm, fr, lu, s, presence, p, xsPurpose: Cookies that provide insight into which media used by Facebook are effectiveand these cookies allow you to access websites you visit after you visit the websites of the third parties, see advertisements from the V&H Flowersadjust your preference (interest based targeting). Storage period: Max 1 year

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